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مکالمات ورزشي

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مکالمه در مورد ورزش بسکتبال

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Basketball – Interactive Practice



A: “Do you know when basketball season starts?”
B: “It starts in October. How come?”
A: “I like to keep up with the Lakers.”
B: “You keep up with baseball at all?”
A: “Just a little. Not as much as basketball.”
B: “Who is your favorite player?”
A: “Probably Kobe Bryant, but he has too many issues right now.”
B: “He’s a great player, but his recent problem is really affecting his play.”
A: “Hope everything turns out ok. Do you play/like basketball much?”
B: “I usually get into it during the playoffs. I’d rather play than watch.”
A: “I like to watch as much as I like to play. Do you play often?”
B: “Every now and then with some friends.”
A: “I usually play twice a week at the health club. It’s easy to round up 10 guys during the evening time.”
B: “That sounds pretty fun. But I’m too out of shape to play full court.”
A: “I get tired too, but I figure it’s good for my health. And I’m having fun at the same time.”
B: “So you think the Lakers will do good this year?”
A: “They better. They got a lot of good players now. If Malone can stay healthy, then I don’t see how they can be beat.”
B: “I don’t know... I think Sacramento has a strong team this year.”
A: “True, but I’m pulling for the Lakers all the way. It’s going to be a great season.”

ورزش های عمومی _ تنیس

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Sports in General – Tennis




عبارات عمومی در مورد تنیس


"Tennis is my favorite sport."
"I play tennis just for fun."
"I started playing tennis when I was in high school."
"I made the varsity team in high school when I have been only playing for 3 months."
"I used to have a girlfriend who left me to be with a tennis coach."


"I can’t hit a back hand."
"I have a two handed back hand."
"One handed back hands are more effective for attacks."
"You can generate more power by using one hand for your backhand."


"How do you topspin a ball?"


"Every time I try to lob a ball, it always goes out."


"My serves need a lot of help."
"My second serve is too easy to hit."


"I can’t believe how fast professional tennis players serve."


"A guy once died from getting hit with a tennis ball in the crotch at a professional tournament. He was an old guy and got a stroke from the shock or pain."


"My favorite tennis player is Agassi."
"Martina Hingis is the cutest tennis player."


"I hate playing against a serve and volley type of player."


"I’m a baseline player."

ورزش های عمومی _ سافت بال

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Sports in General – Softball



عبارات عمومی در مورد سافت بال (نوع آسانتر بیس بال)



"I play on a men’s softball league. It’s underhand pitch and mostly just to have fun."
"Softball is similar to baseball, except you have 4 outfielders instead of 3."
"Softball is fun if you are not good at hitting fast pitches."


"I’m the shortstop on our team."
"I play the outfield."
"I’m the pitcher."


"I saw a friend hit two grand slams in one game."


"His pitches have way too big of an arch."
"He needs to get his pitches above 6 feet from the ground."
"The ball hit the plate and the umpire called it a strike."


"I play on a co-ed softball team. We have 5 girls and 5 guys."
"When we play co-ed softball, the girls hit with smaller balls than the guys."
"It takes a while to get used to throwing two sizes of balls in co-ed softball."

صحبت در مورد ورزش _ سوال

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Exercise – Question


   همانطور که می دانید ورزش های مختلفی وجود دارد در این بخش و بخش های آینده در مورد انواع این ورزش ها صحبت خواهیم کرد


راه های متفاوتی برای ورزش کردن وجود دارد برای شروع لیست زیر می تواند کمک کند



Rowing (boat)
Commuting to work


نمونه ای از سوالاتی که می توانید در مورد ورزش بپرسید  را در زیر آورده ایم


"Do you exercise at all?"
"Do you work out?"
"What type of exercising do you do?"
"Where is a good place to exercise?"
"Why don’t you exercise?"
"Where do you usually jog?"
"How long do you take a walk for?"
"How often do you jog?"
"Where do you do aerobics?"
"How long do you usually run for everyday?"

صحبت در مورد پیاده روی ،دویدن آهسته و سایر ورزش ها

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Exercise – Walking Jogging and More


پیاده روی

"Every morning right when I get up, I like to take a thirty minute walk."
"I like to take walks with my dog."
"Golf is a healthy sport because of all the walking it requires."
"I heard from some doctors that walking is the healthiest form of exercise."
"There’s a trail by my house that is a perfect 20 minute walk."
"We usually go to a nearby lake and walk around it."

دویدن آهسته

"Every night, I go to an elementary school across from my house and jog a few laps around the playground."
"I go jogging in the morning when the air is still fresh."
"Some people find jogging stressful, but I find it as a way to relieve some of my stress."
"It feels so good after jogging for half an hour."
"I usually jog on a treadmill because it’s convenient."

سایر ورزش ها




"I usually play a lot of basketball"
"I get enough exercise from soccer."
"I like to play sports because it is a good form of exercise and allows me to have fun all at the same time."
"Although bowling is a sport, I don’t consider it a form of exercise."
"I play volleyball a couple hours a day."
"I practice baseball with my school team everyday."
"I’m in my high school’s track and field team. I’m a long distance runner."
"I don’t play soccer because it requires too much running."
"Running constantly is a hard thing to do."

"Aerobics is an excellent form of exercise."
"I use a video at home to do my aerobic sessions."
"I like to do aerobics because it targets specific areas."
"I get my exercise from rowing. I’m on the junior varsity crew team."
"I ride my bicycle to work every day."
"I take the stairs because it gives me a little bit of a work out."
"I go to the local park and ride my rollerblades."

مکالمه در مورد ورزش

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Exercise – Interactive Practice



در زیر نمونه مکالماتی در مورد ورزش آورده ایم

A: “Hey Michael. Where are you going?”
B: “No where special. I was just taking a walk.”
A: “What for?”
B: “To get a little exercise. I’m so out of shape.”
A: “Hey, I play basketball with a bunch of friends twice a week. It’s great exercise and it’s fun too. Why don’t you come out and play with us?”
B: “That sounds great. Give me a call next time you guys play.”

A: “All I do all day is work and watch TV. I really should start thinking about my health.”
B: “I never thought about that, but you’re right. What do you think we should do?”
A: “For starters, we should start doing more outdoor activities. That way we’ll get some exercise.”
B: “I was thinking about taking tennis lessons. I always have an hour to spare in the afternoon. What do you think about that?”
A: “That’s not a bad idea. How much is it?”
B: “I heard it is only about one hundred twenty dollars a month for 8 lessons.”
A: “Playing tennis twice a week will be a good start. Count me in.”

صحبت در مورد ورزش باشگاهی _سوال و جواب

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Exercise Gym – Questions and Answers


نمونه ای از سوالاتی که می توانید بپرسید 


"Where do you work out?"
"What club do you work out at?"
"When do you usually work out?"
"How often do you work out?"
"How many hours do you work out in a day?"


Work out  = تمرین ورشی ،ورزش


"When you bench, how many reps and sets do you do?"



 "Do you do low reps with heavy weights, or many reps with light weight."
"How many sets do you do when you work out your arms?"

می توانید به سوالات بالا پاسخ هایی مانند زیر  بدهید


"I work out at 24 Hour Fitness"
"I work out at Bally’s"
"I work out at Samsung Health Club"


"I started lifting weights about 2 years ago."
"I have been lifting weights for about 2 years now."
"I just started 9 months ago."

"I usually work out 2 hours a day 4 times a week."
"I work out everyday for an hour."
"I go to the gym 3 times a week."
"I go in every other day."


"I can bench press 220 pounds."
"I squat 400 pounds."
"I curl 90 pounds."


"I’m trying to gain bulk so I’m doing low reps with heavy weights."
"I’m trying to get ripped, so I’m doing a lot of repetitions."


مکالمه در مورد ورزش باشگاهی

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Exercise Gym – Interactive Practice


در باشگاهای ورزشی بعضی از افراد ازدستگاهایی مانند تردمیل ،دوچرخه و.. برای کم کردن وزن خود استفاده می کنند

در زیر نمونه مکالماتی در این مورد آورده ایم


"When I go to the health club, I usually spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the bicycle, and finally 10 minutes on the step master."


"There is no place to run in the city, so I have to do my running on the treadmill."
"It always rains around here so I like to exercise in the gym."
"I usually use the treadmill, but I try to work on the nautilus machines at least twice a week."


"My wife exercises four times a week."
"My husband can’t last 10 minutes on the step machine."


بیشتر تمرین کنید

نمونه مکالمات بیشتر در مورد ورزش باشگاهی



A: “What do you do besides work and watching TV?”
B: “When I have some time, I like to exercise.”
A: “Do you go jogging or do you go to a health club?”
B: “I joined Samsung Health Club a couple of months ago.”
A: “How do you exercise?”
B: “I usually spend 30 minutes on the bicycle for the cardio, and then I lift weight for about 45 minutes.”
A: “How often do you go?”
B: “I want to go four times a week, but I’m too lazy. Last week, I only went to workout once.”


A: “Hey Jimmy. Let’s go workout later today.”
B: “Sure. What time do you want to go?”
A: “How about at 3:30.”
B: “That sounds good. Today we work on Legs and forearm.”
A: “Hey. I just played basketball earlier, so my legs are a little sore. Let’s work out on arms and stomach today.”
B: “I’m on a weekly schedule. You’re messing everything up.”
A: “C’mon. We’re only switching two days. You can do legs on Friday.”
B: “Aright. I’ll meet you at the gym at 3:30 then.”


A: “Damn Scott. You got big.”
B: “Yeah, I’ve been working out a lot.”
A: “How long have you been lifting weights?”
B: “For a year and a half.”
A: “Yeah. Last time I saw you, it was like 2 years ago.”
B: “Has it been that long?”
A: “How often do you go to the gym?”
B: “I usually go every other day for about 3 hours.”
A: “That’s a lot.”
B: “Yeah, I used to work out for an hour a day 4 times a week, and I saw no results. This is what you have to do to get noticeable results.”
A: “I don’t think I have the discipline for that.”
B: “Just think of it as a hobby. Then it’s actually fun.”

صحبت در مورد ورزش های عمومی

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Sports in General  


عبارات عمومی


"What do you like to do in your free time?"
"What are your hobbies?"
"What sports do you like to play?"


"I like to play sports. It's good for my health and I think it's very fun."
"I like competitive sports because winning feels good."
"I like to play tennis and I like to swim."


"Jeff is pretty athletic so he picks up on sports real quick."
"If you need a girl to play, you should get Jessica. She’s very athletic."


کلمه play را می توان برای بیشتر ورزش ها  مانند football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, soccer,  softballبه کار برد ولی برای بعضی از ورزش ها نمی توان به کار برد


"I like to play basketball."
"Let’s go play basketball."
"Do you like to play basketball?"


در مورد ورزش هایی مانندswimming, bowling, golf   نمی توان از کلمه play استفاده کرد


"I like to swim."
"I like swimming."
"Let’s go swimming."
"Do you like swimming?"

همانطور که توجه کردید ورزش هایی که آخرشان ing می باشد از play نمی توان استفاده کرد


ورزش های عمومی _ والیبال

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Sports in General – Volleyball


جملات عمومی در مورد والیبال


"I play volleyball on our high school team."
"I play volleyball for our university."
"I play recreational volleyball."

"I play in a volleyball league run by the city."


"What position do you play?"


"I’m a setter for our team."
"I’m the outside hitter."
"I’m a back row specialist."
"I’m good at digging balls, so I play in the back."
"I’m the tallest in our team so I’m the middle blocker."


"Our team plays a two six rotation."



"He hit the net."
"He totally went fishing." This is a slang term to say that a person hit the net.
"The ball was out."
"I can’t believe the line judge didn’t see that. He must be blind."
"That was a double hit. The ball is spinning like mad."
"He used his palm to lift the ball and he wasn’t called for it."


"I like to watch volleyball on TV."

ورزش های عمومی _ فوتبال

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Sports in General – Soccer



جملات عمومی در مورد فوتبال


"Soccer is my favorite sport."
"I love soccer."
"I play soccer whenever I can."
"I used to play a lot of soccer when I was in school."


"I’m usually the forward on our team."
"I play midfielder on our team."
"I’m the fullback."
"My favorite position is the midfielder."
"I like to be the goalie."
"I’ve been a goalie ever since I was in Junior high."
"I am always the goal keeper."


"He was off sides, but the officials didn’t see it. That’s how he got the goal."
"He's a very rowdy player. He gets a yellow card each game. I can’t believe he hasn’t been given a red card yet."


"He clipped him from behind. Why didn’t he get a red card? The other guy could have broken his ankle with that tackle."


"I like to play soccer because of all the running. It keeps me in shape and I have fun while playing."


"I don’t know why soccer is not so popular in America. Soccer is a very popular sport in most other countries."


"Watching the world cup is so fun."


ورزش های عمومی _ شنا

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 Sports in General – Swimming



عبارات عمومی در مورد شنا


"I’m on the swimming team."
"I got a scholarship for swimming."
"I made the varsity swimming team."
"I love swimming."


"What style of swimming do you specialize in?"


"I like breaststroke the most."
"I like freestyle swimming, but I’m better at the butterfly."
"I’m pretty quick at backstroke."
"I like the competitive aspect of swimming. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is ahead of you or behind you, but right when you touch that wall and see that nobody else is there is a great feeling."
"I’ve been swimming ever since I was 6 years old."
"I swim 4 times a week."
"I try to swim everyday."


"I believe swimming is very healthy, especially for the joints."


"I’m not a good swimmer. The only style I know is the dog paddle."


"I can’t hold my breath long enough to be an effective swimmer."


"I can hold my breath for a minute and a half."


مکالمه در مورد ورزش بیس بال

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Baseball – Interactive Practice


A: “What sport do you like the most?”
B: “I like baseball the best.”
A: “Me too. Did you play when you were a kid?”
B: “Yeah. I played until I graduated from high school.”
A: “What position did you play?”
B: “I think I tried every position, but the last few years, I played third.”
A: “I hate third base. It’s scary when the ball is coming at you so fast.”
B: “It was scary at first, but after awhile, I got used to it. If you have fast reflexes, then it's not really a problem. What position did you play?”
A: “I played outfield. I hated the infield because I never figured out all the bounces.”
B: “I wish I could play again, but there isn’t much opportunities around here.”
A: “I’m on a softball league. It’s not fast pitch, but it’s still fun. You wanna join our group?”
B: “When do you guys play?”
A: “We play either Tuesdays or Thursdays.”
B: “Sounds pretty fun. I’ll come out and join you next time.”


A: “Do you like to watch baseball?”
B: “Yeah. I follow the Mariners every year.”
A: “I wonder how they will do this year.”
B: “I don’t know if they have a chance. Did you hear that A-Rod went to the Yankees?”
A: “I know. Their team was too good even before getting Alex.”
B: “Yeah. The richest team is usually the best team. They need to put a salary cap to make things fair.”
A: “I agree. I don’t know why they haven’t done so already.”
B: “But don’t lose hope too soon. The Yankees don’t have a good pitching staff this year. They might end up like the Texas Rangers. Great offense, no pitching.”
A: “I highly doubt that. Even though they lost Pettite, they still have a decent pitching rotation.”
B: “We’ll see. I hope the Mariners do well this year.”
A: “Me too. Oh, did you buy any tickets this year?”
B: “I got a couple of games with Oakland and Boston, but I couldn’t get anything with the Yankees.”
A: “Same here. I went in on the second day and all the tickets with the Yankees were already sold out.”
B: “There's still plenty of other games though. We should go together one of these days.”
A: “Sounds good. Let’s plan for late June.”

صحبت در مورد بسکتبال

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عبارات  و اظهارات عمومی در مورد بسکتبال


"I want to play basketball. We should round up the guys and play."
"We haven’t played basketball in a long time. Let’s get something going."
"When are you guys going to play basketball again?"
"Anybody up for a game of basketball?"
"Let’s go down the street and play some basketball."
"I’ve been itching to play basketball for a while."



"Basketball is my favorite sport."
"I like to play basketball."
"I get a good workout playing basketball."
"At the gym, I play basketball with a lot of guys."
"I’m out of shape to play basketball."
"Running up and down the court is too tiring for me."
"I need to get in shape to play basketball."
"I’m going to play basketball this weekend."
"I have a 36 inch vertical."


"Where do you guys go to play basketball?"
"Are there any basketball courts around here?"

"Let’s go shoot some hoops."
"Do you wanna go shoot some hoops?"
"I’m going to shoot some hoops with the guys. You wanna come?"



صحبت در مورد ورزش بسکتبال با دوستان


"I have a friend who can dunk."
"My friend is six five. I saw him dunk with two hands without running."
"Peter’s pretty good. I was playing with him the other day and he worked us all."
"John’s a great shooter. Anything within fifteen feet is just about guaranteed."
"My friend Jason is a great 3 point shooter."


"I can’t believe how bad Sean is. Does he know he sucks, or is he clueless?"
"Don’t bring out Doug again. He’s a ball hog and can’t shoot worth crap."


"He’s not a bad player, but a little slow."


صحبت در مورد بچه ها و ورزش بسکتبال


"My daughter made her junior high basketball team."
"My son is playing for his high school team."
"I have to drive my son to basketball practice every Tuesdays and Thursdays."
"I’m going to watch my daughter’s basketball game tomorrow night."


"Your daughter is pretty athletic. She plays both soccer and basketball."
"Johnny started dribbling the ball since he was 3 years old."


"Does your son play any other sport besides basketball?"
"Your kid is quite a basketball player."




صحبت در مورد تماشای ورزش بسکتبال

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Basketball – Watching Basketball


"Do you watch the NBA?"
"Do you keep up with basketball on TV?"
"Do you like to watch basketball?"
"Which team do you like the most?"
"When does basketball season start?"
"Who’s your favorite player?"
"Who do you think is the greatest basketball player ever?"
"Do you think Karl Malone is any good?"


"I like watching the Lakers play."
"I’m a Pistons fan."
"I try to watch every Rockets game."


"I don’t watch much basketball."
"I only watch the playoffs."


"I never got into basketball."


"Playing basketball is fun, but it’s boring watching other people play."
"I don’t watch the Bulls on TV much, but I keep up with them through the newspaper."
"I only watch the highlights on the sports channel."

صحبت در مورد فوتبال امریکایی

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Football – General Statements



عبارات عمومی


"Do you like football?"
"What do you think about football?"
"Do you keep up with the NFL?"
"Do you keep up with football?"
"Who is your favorite team?"
"Did you play football when you were young?"
"Which player do you like the most?"

"Who is your favorite player?"


"Football is a brutal sport. It seems so dangerous."
"Most of the people in football are so big."
"There are too many injuries in football."
"Football is so fun to watch."


"I just started watching football on TV. I kind of get it, but I’m still learning all the rules."
"In my country we don’t have football so I really don’t know how to play."
"We don’t have football in my country so I never learned the game."


"I only watch the Superbowl."
"I’m from Seattle, and because the Seahawks suck so bad, I don’t really keep up with them."
"I love the Miami Dophins."
"Joe Montana was my favorite player. I don’t have a current one right now."
"My favorite player is Priest Holmes. He is such a great running back." 

صحبت در مورد افرادی که می بینید


"I saw a guy in a restaurant. He was huge man. Towering over everyone. I got the nerve to ask him if he played football, and he ended up being a professional football player for the Seahawks."

"I saw a professional football player last week at a night club. All the girls were around him."

"College football is very popular in America. It's almost as popular as the NFL."
"My brother had class with a football player in college named Cortez Kennedy. He’s now playing for the Raiders."

"Even though a lot of football players are huge, most of them are really nice."

صحبت در مورد استروئید ها

"I heard that about ninety percent of football players have used steroids before."
"Steroids is a big problem in the NFL."
"I think the problem with the NFL is the steroid abuse."
"I heard people say that you have to use steroids to be competitive. That’s primarily because everyone else is using it, so if you don’t, then it’s your disadvantage." 

مکالمه در مورد فوتبال امریکایی

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Football – Interactive Practice


A: “What are you watching?”
B: “A football game. Packers are playing the Chiefs.”
A: “I never understood this game.”
B: “It’s not that hard. If you watch a couple of games, you’ll start to understand it.”
A: “Do you watch a lot of football?”
B: “I like the Packers, so I watch all their games.”
A: “Did you play football before?”
B: “Only in high school. I was too small to play for college.”
A: “What position did you play?”
B: “I was the corner back.”
A: “Is that the main guy in offense?”
B: “No. That’s the quarterback. The corner back is a defensive player covering passing plays and outside running plays.”
A: “I see. Do you think it is more fun than baseball?”
B: “It’s hard to compare the two because they're so different. I like both baseball and football. How about you? You like baseball a lot?”
A: “Yeah. I’m a big baseball fan.”
B: “Baseball is fun, but you should also learn football. I’ll explain as we watch.”
A: “Cool.”


A: “What sports do you like to play?”
B: “I like baseball and basketball.”
A: “How about football?”
B: “In my country football is brand new, so I never learned the game when I was younger.”
A: “It’s a very popular game in America.”
B: “Yeah. I heard a lot about it. Is it really that fun?”
A: “For me, it’s one of those games that are fun to both watch and play.”
B: “Are you a football player?”
A: “No, just for fun with my friends. We play two hand touch or flag football. We're too old to play tackle football.”
B: “What is two hand touch and flag football?”
A: “Instead of tackling somebody, you just have to touch them with two hands, or if it is flag football, grab the flag that the ball carrier is wearing.”
B: “I see. It’s safer then right?”
A: “Exactly. We play every Saturdays on the field by the tennis courts. If you want to learn and play a little, you’re welcome to join us.”
B: “I’ll give it a try. Give me a call and let’s go down together.”
A: “Ok. I’ll call you Saturday morning.”
B: “Great.”

صحبت در مورد گلف

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عبارات عمومی وقتی با افراد دیگر بازی می کنید


"Do you play this course often?"
"Have you been here before?"


"Great shot."
"Great putt."
"That was a nice shot."
"You’re doing great."
"The ball hooked to the left."
"Your ball sliced to the right."
"I think your ball is out of bounds."
"Your ball is behind that big tree."
"Your ball went towards the bushes."
"I thought your ball went in the water."
"You’re about 160 yards away."
"There is a dog leg left on the next hole."


"I have a terrible lie."
"I’m going to take a mulligan."
"I’m going to hit again."
"I’m going to play a provisional."
"I can’t find my ball so I am going to drop one."
"I’m just going to drop."


"I think the ball is going to break to the left."
"It’s an uphill putt."
"I see a left break."
"I don’t see a break at all."
"I’m not good at reading greens."


"Do you know how far I am away?"
"Did you see where my ball went?"
"What color is the pin?"
"What is the distance of this hole?"

"Is this a par 5?"

صحبت با دوستان در مورد گلف



"Where do you usually play?"
"How much are the green fees?"
"How much does it cost over there?"
"What do you usually shoot?"
"Do you have a handicap?"
"What is your handicap?"
"What’s your average score?"


"How did you play today?"
"How was your round last Saturday?"
"Did you play well on Sunday?"
"What was your score yesterday?"
"What did you shoot last time you were out?"


"How far do you drive the ball?"
"How far does your driver go?"
"What club do you use to hit 150 yards?"


"I usually play at Walter Hall."
"I play all over, but mostly at Jackson Park Golf Course."
"The green fees at Jefferson is twenty eight dollars."
"It costs 35 dollars to play."


"I’m a bogey player."
"I’m not that good. I’m usually in the mid nineties."
"I suck man. I’m still over a hundred."
"I don’t have a handicap, but I usually shoot in the low nineties."


"My handicap is 17 right now."
"My handicap is 14."
"I’m a 5 handicap."


"I shot a 95 yesterday."
"I was 20 over on Saturday."
"I did terrible on Sunday. I shot a hundred."
"I was doing so good in the beginning, but on the back nine, I got three double bogeys."


"I need to work on my putting. It sucks right now."
"I need to practice my chip shots more."

"I can’t hit with my driver whatsoever."
"I can’t drive worth shit."
"I can hit my short irons pretty good, but I have a lot of problems with my 3 and 4 irons."


"I hate my clubs. They are so old."
"You need to buy some new clubs man."
"Pro Golf Discount is having a sale right now."


"I have a big problem slicing the ball."
"I can’t get rid of my hook."
"He always slices the ball, so he aims left all the time."
"He plays his slice."
"He does a good job playing his hook."


"Do you want to go golfing this weekend?"
"When do you want to go out?"
"When do you want to play?"
"I’m going to play golf this Tuesday. Can you make it?"
"We have a spot open. Do you want to play?"


"You would get better if you go to the driving range once in a while."
"You need to fix that swing of yours."
"You need to go to the driving range."
"If you want to improve, you should take some lessons. It really helps."

مکالمه در مورد گلف

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Golf – Interactive Practice


A: “Hey Steve. When’s the next time you're going to play golf?”
B: “I’m going out this Saturday.”
A: “Do you already have a foursome?”
B: “Unfortunately, we do. Let’s plan for something together for Wednesday. We can go right after work.”
A: “That sounds good. Where do you want to play?”
B: “We won’t have much time, so let’s play somewhere close to work.”
A: “How about Bellevue? It’s pretty close.”
B: “How much does it cost over there?”
A: “Twilight rates are 21 dollars.”
B: “That’s pretty good. Let’s do it.”
A: “Aright. I’ll get a tee time for Wednesday at about 4:00.”
B: “Make it 4:15. I won’t get off until 4:00.”
A: “Ok. I’ll call you later when I get a tee time.”
B: “Sounds good. I’ll see you on Wednesday then.”
A: “Aright. Have fun on Saturday.”
B: “Will do.”

A: “How did you golf on Saturday?”
B: “I did pretty good. I shot a 13.”
A: “Not too bad. I thought you were going to break single.”
B: “I had a chance. I shot a 4 on the front nine, but the back nine killed me.”
A: “What happened?”
B: “My drive was totally off. All of the sudden, I started hooking the ball. I hit two balls OB, and that killed me score right there.”
A: “That sucks. You could have broken single if it wasn’t for the penalty strokes.”
B: “Yeah. I was so frustrated after that hole. But overall, I shot well, so I’m not too disappointed. How about you? How have you been hitting lately?”
A: “I hit great on the range, but when I get on the course, I can’t seem to hit the ball right.”
B: “That happened to me for the longest time. It just takes time and practice. When you go out on the course more often, that problem will fix itself.”
A: “I’m still trying to break 90. I’ve been hitting in the mid nineties for ever.”
B: “How far does your driver go?”
A: “I don’t use it that much. I use my 3 wood more. I’m not consistent with the driver to use it.”
B: “You gotta keep practicing with it. Eventually you’ll get the hang of it.”
A: “Yeah. I practice with it on the range, but I’m not making any progress on it.”
B: “Let’s go to the range together and I’ll check out your swing.”
A: “That sounds good. Let’s go tomorrow night.”
B: “Ok. That will give us practice for our round on Wednesday.”
A: “I’ll meet you there at 6:30.”
B: “Ok. See you tomorrow then.”


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